Portable RDP 6 client

Microsoft has annoyed the world with RDP 6 issues, bugs, difficulty to install it, requierements... RDP 6 portable is the very simple, easy to use program to blow-up all of these issues. It is a fully functionnal RDP 6 client standalone program. Less than

Portable RDP 5.2 client

RDP 6.0 is difficult to uninstall and many of you dislike its annoying mandatory look & feel. Here is the solution: A very small standalone full featured RDP 5.2 client that run regardless what has been installed by Microsoft automatic updates. And


.print RDP Engine  v.7 6

The leading printing solution for Microsoft terminal server environments - also when using a Small Business Server .print RDP Engine ensures quick and reliable printing using the remote desktop connection (RDP) of your Remote Desktop Services.

Scan Redirector RDP Edition  v.1.5.1

Scan Redirector RDP Edition is easy to use software, which allows scanning from your locally attached scanner in a Remote Desktop session.Both TWAIN and WIA scanners are supported. A great solution for VDI and Terminal Services!

RDP Shield  v.1.0.0

Protect your server or PC from brute force attacks via remote desktop. Automatically block IPs that pass incorrect login credentials.

Net2Printer RDP Client  v.1 16

Net2Printer RDP provides remote users connecting to a Terminal Server with reliable printing to their local printers regardless of the type of printer.

Multiple RDP launcher  v.1.0

Launch RDP on multiple PCs with this application. If you are a tech and occasionally use MSTSC to RDP to a number of servers at the same time, then you might find RDPr useful. It allows you to group together sets of machines,

RDP Changer  v.

Quickly change the Remote Desktop connection port. RDP Changer allows you to change your Remote Desktop connection port.

RDP Classifier  v.2.4

The RDP Classifier is a naive Bayesian classifier that can rapidly and accurately provides taxonomic assignments from domain to genus, with confidence estimates for each assignment.

USB Redirector RDP Edition  v.3.1.1

USB Redirector RDP Edition allows to use your local USB devices inside a Remote Desktop session on a Terminal Server or Virtual Machine.

RDP Sentinel  v.1.0

Protects your Remote Desktop Server from brute-force logon attacks. Protect your Windows Remote Desktop Server (Terminal Server - mstsc) from brute-force logon attacks and 4625 failed logon events.

Rdp Connect  v.1.0

Store server connection information with this software.

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